Promote your health
and well-being

Prevention and treatment with    exclusive aquatic therapies

Promote your health and well-being

Prevention and treatment with exclusive aquatic therapies

Benefits of a unique therapy

Free yourself from daily tensions and stress, create your moment
with our Wellness aquatic therapies, and enjoy a healthy and natural
way of connecting body and mind.

Discover the benefits of our aquatic therapies in areas
such as Rheumatology, Traumatology and Neurology,
especially recommended for people with mobility and
balance problems.

An extraordinary and natural therapeutic tool.
A model based on scientific evidence.

IPPO Model

A new model that proposes two lines of action -IPPO Health and IPPO Wellness-, based on two exclusive aquatic techniques -Water Dream and Aqua Elastic- with a common objective: to stimulate your health and well-being.

The therapeutic power of water

Decreases tension and muscle spasticity providing a balanced motor response

Activates the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, stimulating venous return and edema reabsorption

Facilitates body movements, reaching a greater autonomy and quality of life

Generates a natural painkiller and anti-inflammatory reaction in the body

Stimulates the proprioceptive system, improving our coordination and balance

Wakes up the cellular metabolism and tissue recovery

IPPO physiotherapy is something incredible, they use a holistic approach to the treatment of the mind and body. After a long time looking for solutions I can affirm that this therapy is the only thing that works for my arthritis problem, taking away the pain and greater freedom of movement. As my situation progressed, I began an intensive plan with Pablo Olabe and his team, which has allowed me to progress physically and emotionally. Water Dream is an incredible concept, since the hot water relaxes the muscles and allows the physiotherapist to work on the most affected areas on a day-to-day basis. Without this treatment I know that my quality of life would be worse.
M.C., Irland, patient Health
An unique experience, the best therapy I have ever had. I usually enjoy all kind of massages at the different spaces where I go to disconnect and relax, I love this kind of pleasure. When I was offered this therapy, my first impression was quite skeptical ... and, without a doubt, I appreciate the interest shown by Pablo, and to trust his recommendation ... the unique disconnection effect that you feel is wonderful, progressively, reaching a complete and deep relaxation level, free and with a new energy.
P. F., 27 years old, Spain, patient Wellness
Pablo Olabe deserves the best possible professional assessment. A professional dedicated to his profession. I would also highlight his panoramic vision of the issues with all the implications for the company. He also adds a personal value at the same level or higher if possible than the professional one. A trustworthy person, a very rare quality nowadays.
J. V., spa directo
Pablo Olabe is a magnificent professional with an authentic vocation for his work, which develops with enthusiasm and professional skill. He demonstrates every day his interest in researching and innovating in everything related to his profession, creating signature techniques and treatments. He is also a magnificent person with an excellent predisposition to help and collaborate in everything that is in his power.
T.P., magazine specialized in thermal sector
What a great session! I needed to get out of all the accumulated stress and tension of my professional activity. I was recommended to try this exclusive aquatic therapy and I fell in love. To feel the freedom movements, in a natural way, without tension ... how the therapist stretched my legs, arms ... and the best of all, the massage throughout my entire body, especially on my shoulders and neck, where I use to accumulate all the tension and pain… I loved it! I did not want that feeling of relaxation so deep that I had to end, even when I got out of the water, my body felt like it was floating ... amazing!.
I. G., 35 years old, France, patient Wellness
Pablo Olabe, a good professional as a physiotherapist, mainly in the aquatic environment, with great concern in training, having been trained with the best professionals in the sector and carrying out his work with perfect customer service. Persevering in his work with clear and specific objectives with the patient. Today he can be considered as one of the professionals with the best training and development of his work as a physiotherapist in the aquatic environment within the Region of Murcia and the Valencian Community.
L.O., spa medical director
I came to Ippo because of "there is a physio with a holy hand that relieves pain and solves injuries ..." and I met a true health magician. Someone who relieved me with his aquatic techniques the long suffering of an ailment that seemed eternal. Someone who taught me to balance my body and gave me life keys to change the perception of good and bad things for the benefit of physical and mental well-being. I have been in his hands for 5 years and his personal work or with his team of people trained in his techniques have always been very positive for me and now ... essential.
E. M., 50 years old, Health line, Spain

Where to find us

Where to find us

Enjoy your IPPO experience both in our headquarters -Thalasia, San Pedro del Pinatar- and in other aquatic spaces. Locate your IPPO space on this map and let us take care of your health:

Av. del Puerto, 327
30740, San Pedro del Pinatar Murcia

(+34) 96 818 77 08

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