Integrative Physiotherapy Pablo Olabe

A model of prevention and treatment focused on the health and well-being stimulation through exclusive therapies in the aquatic environment.

Proposal of the IPPO Model

An evidence-based model that combines the therapeutic benefits of water with the effects of our exclusive techniques, Water Dream and Aqua Elastic, based on the natural movement of the body and applied differently within the lines of action, Health and Wellness.
A healthy and natural way of prevention and treatment of your health through our aquatic therapy techniques.
A new way to stimulate your well-being and quality of life through natural physical therapies that promote the therapeutic response of your body.

Ippo Model - Research and Science

Pablo Olabe, Doctor in Aquatic Physiotherapy, is the founder and director of IPPO.

Since 2001 he bets and defends the therapeutic value of water, developing activities and validating and testing techniques in different specialized centers in Europe and Asia.

With a professional career focused on training, study, and research of aquatic therapies, he proposes this model of health and well-being based on scientific evidence.

Investigación y ciencia


IPPO has an expert team of healthcare and business professionals who have contributed to shape this project.

Founer & CEO.
PhD in Aquatic Physiotherapy.

Aquatic Physiotherapist.
Master’s Degree in pelvic floor.

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