Aqua Elastic

Feel your natural movement and activate your physical balance

What does the therapy
consist of?

Thanks to the activity in the water, we offer a new way to activate the global movement of the body, to improve your elasticity and to stimulate coordination and physical balance.

An extraordinary complement to Water Dream, it is a technique that promotes the autonomy and natural re-education of the body through pain-free water movements and reaching a new elasticity.

Benefits of Aqua Elastic

Relieves muscle pain

Reduces mental and physical stress

Stimulates movement autonomy

Promotes movement coordination

Improves body elasticity

Activates equilibrium reactions

Therapeutic indications

In problems of joint mobility and elasticity, muscle tension and pain, mental and physical stress, gait or balance disorders.

In pathologies such as Fibromyalgia, Arthrosis, Osteoporosis, injuries in the area of Traumatology that affect the general or specific mobility of the body -spinal column and extremities- and disorders of the Nervous System.

Under our supervision, we customize this technique to your physical condition and ability to move, stimulating a therapeutic response.

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