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Hello everyone!

August, 2021

My name is Pablo Olabe, I hold a PhD in Aquatic Physiotherapy and I’m founder of IPPO, a therapeutic model based on scientific evidence focused on the benefits that water offers us in our health and well-being.

Our journey began in 2001, when the university showed us the use and benefits of water as a therapeutic agent. Understanding the physical and chemical bases of this element meant incorporating a scientifically based academic value to the experience and passion that as a lover of the sea I already had.

From that moment on, it was clear to me that my professional life would be increasingly linked to this natural element given its intrinsic capacity to act as a powerful therapeutic tool. Thus, after my university career, I have continued to train, study and research the effects of the aquatic environment and its impact on human health, well-being and quality of life.

This professional commitment has led me to work in different specialized aquatic spaces both in Europe and Asia, places where I have had the opportunity to learn my profession, specialize and carry out a research process that resulted in the presentation of my doctoral thesis. related to aquatic therapy and fall prevention in the elderly.

After this academic moment of special value, in addition to the different professional experiences in countries such as France, Switzerland, Russia, China or Brazil, it flows like a natural process to develop a model that could show the therapeutic expression that I find in water. This is how IPPO was born.

IPPO -Integrative Physiotherapy Pablo Olabe- is a therapeutic model that has the aquatic environment as the main protagonist and presents two exclusive therapies: Aqua Elastic and Water Dream -awarded as ‘Best Thermal or Wellness Technique’ in the 2019 edition of the Global Aquatic Exhibition ‘Piscina & Wellness Barcelona’.

Our model has a clear objective: to improve people’s quality of life, both through prevention and treatment of the different health or well-being disorders that we encounter in our daily lives.

In our model we propose two lines of action: IPPO Health -focused on the treatment of health problems- and IPPO Wellness -oriented to those people who seek to maintain and stimulate their quality of life-.

With more than 25,000 sessions held since 2010, we have intervened on the different kinds of health or well-being problems of the people who have enjoyed our therapies. Spaces such as Sha Wellness Clinic, Balneario de Archena, Balneario de la Alameda or Thalasia are examples of the practical application of these, achieving a positive and recognized therapeutic impact in health areas such as Rheumatology, Traumatology or Neurology, or in sleep disorders or physical and emotional stress.

This professional and practical experience allows us a new step, the outsourcing of our model. We are prepared, we have our proven and recognized therapeutic tools, the highest academic training and the practical expertise achieved throughout these years, and with all this we have decided to grow in our professional development.

It is essential to thank the trust shown by the different spaces which IPPO has interacted with. And, above all, highlight the innumerable and different evaluations of our users, thanks to each and every one of these we are able to learn, understand and improve our therapeutic bond. Now we face a new challenge, something that we love.

We get into action!

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